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This years charity softball tournament is open to any team who would like to play and not just limited to those associated with Dodger fan sites. So if you have a Rec team, work team or just have a bunch of friends who would like to form your own team. you are welcome to come play with us this year. The same rules apply to those who choose to play in the open class.

Each team must have the following.

Cost is $420 per team of 12 and $36 for each additional player.

Min of 12 players and at least 2 female players per team. With one on the field at all times.

Each player will be required to bring a few items from the donation list for the charity.

The team that bring the most donations will get to start each game with their choice of playing as the home team throughout the first round or starting each game with a two run lead. For a complete list of rules and items needed. Please go the link at the bottom of this post or click on 2018 softball tournament at the top of this site. Thanks and I hope to see some new faces out at the park this year.

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