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The fifth annual Dodger blogger charity softball tournament will held on Sunday April 15 2018 at Big League Dreams in West Covina. Once again the charity is the LA mission. Some of the changes to this years tournament is that any team not affiliated with a Dodger related blog, web site or social media page is welcome to come out and be part of this great event. There will be an open class for anyone who wants to enter their own team. Those teams will play in a class against each other and not against the bloggers as the bloggers seem to enjoy the drinking and camaraderie. Those teams will also be required to bring donations along for the charity the same as the bloggers. Each year I have turned down teams looking to enter but do not have a site or fan page related to the Dodgers. That ends now. So if you would like to enter your team. contact me at and I can give you more details.

Another change this year is that the cost per player will go down to $36 per player but the minimum players per team goes up to 12 from 10. I’m hoping by doing this it brings out more people and teams. Everything else pretty much stays the same as the last tournament. The team that brings the most donations gets their choice of having to play as home team every game or starting every game with a two run lead throughout the tournament except in the elimination round. The open class will also be required to have at least two female players per team and one on the field at all times like the bloggers class. I’ll update the illegal and banned bats list once I get them from the park.

The registration should be up and going later tonight on the LFP store and will be the same as last year. Just buy the ticket for the team you want to play on and you’re in. Print out the email and bring it to the park the day of the tournament. Or show the email on your phone at check in. I’m hoping this years event tops the one from last year and everyone has a good time for a great cause. I also don’t mind if I have to make two trips to the mission or rent a bigger truck to deliver the donations. They were extremely grateful for everything that was donated last year. I wish you all could have seen their faces and heard how grateful they were when they unloaded the truck last last year.

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