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I want to thank all the bloggers and everyone who came out and donated items for the LA Mission. It was an incredible day of giving as can be seen in the photo above of my rental truck. This is not all that was given. The donations also filled the trunk and backseat of another car. It was such a great feeling driving all this down to the mission on Monday morning compared to the last time I made that trip. The people at the mission were so thankful for everything and very overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you. I want to thank the players from Dodgers Lowdown who donated an incredible amount to secure the reward of starting every game with a two run lead. You guys and gals really outdid yourselves. I also want to thank Jon SooHoo for coming out once again to shoot the event. I know he had a busy Saturday with other obligations but he still made it out to the event. So before anyone asks. Yes there will be another one next year. I just need some time to recoup from this one. I just ask one thing for the next one. Please get your teams and players registered before the week of the next one. All I want to do is just come out there and play softball and chill. Not be running around like a dog chasing its tail the day before and of the tournament. That’s my only request. I love you guys. But, can you help me out next time? If you have any suggestions for the next one. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I know you know my email. Because it seemed everyone of you blew up my phone wanting to know when the games start. A little tip. Get your rosters in, finalized and everyone paid the week before and I can get the game schedule up sooner.  OK I’m done. Pat yourselves all on the back. You done good.

Thanks again


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