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Sorry for the sites absence this past year. For those that don’t know or forget. I run this site from the east coast. The last year or so work has prevented me from doing this site but I know how much you all enjoy doing the softball tournaments. So lets do it again.

The tournament is open to all Dodger related blogs, websites and social media fan pages. I know some sites have merged or gone away since the last time we did this. So If you played for one of those sites and want to do so under their name. You are more than welcome.

The last tournament did not go as smoothly as the first two. Teams and players entered and never showed up. Food donations were way down to the point all the food collected fit into the trunk of my Camry rental car. Unlike the first two tournaments where it took a truck to deliver the donations. So I want to address the new rule that might motivate some teams. The team that donates the most food wi ll be rewarded with their choice of starting each game with a two run lead or playing as the home team. I hate to do it but I was embarresd as hell when I took the donations to the charity. There are some other new rules so take a minute to read them on the Tournament link located on th left side of this page.

Anyone who wants to play and does not have a favorite site or a team. You are more than welcome to play for one of my teams or any team you’d like. This event will not turn anyone away. So site owners and admins let me know if you want to enter a team and I will do all I can to help you through the process. The registration page link and entry fee page link should be up this weekend. I will announce when it goes live.

Thanks for taking time to read this. If you have any questions comments or suggestions. Feel free to contact me at.

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