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If you played in any of the previous two softball tournaments you already know how much fun they are. So lets do it again. This tournament is open to all Dodger blogs, their readers and Dodgers fans everywhere. If you have a blog and want to enter, or if you just want to play alongside fellow Dodger fans contact me at the email address listed below.

This tournament will be divided into two classes. Dodger blogs only and an open bracket for teams that want to play and do not have a blog. I’m doing this for fairness to the actual blog teams. The LFP forum 2 team who has won both the previous tournaments will be playing in the open bracket since they are pretty damn good for a collection of random players thrown together. I hope that will satisfy some of the teams from the past tournaments. Remember this is supposed to be about having fun. So please don’t try and sneak a traveling tournament team into the blog bracket as you will have your own this time.

I’m working on a date now but need to know the amount of teams who want to play so I can make arrangements with the park. I was looking at a time in March or April to do this.  So if you would like to play in this. Please contact me at the following email.



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