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I want to thank each and everyone of you who have stopped by this site over the past four years. We’ve been through a lot together the last few years. The McCourts, The team being sold to owners who seem to actually give a damn about winning. I hope that this site has provided you with some laughs over the years. As we all know. Being a fan of this team is tough. The one thing I have found about LA fans is they will stand by their team no matter what. As painful as it was to watch tonight’s game. The only thing that hurts more is writing this post.  I will no longer be doing this blog. With the things going on in my life. I just no longer have the time to do it. As you may have noticed this year. There were a lot of games where no post was made. Many of you know this blog is done on the east coast. Waiting for the games to end out west, then waiting for the photos to hit the internet makes for some very late nights here.  It’s finally taken its toll and I just don’t have the will to do it anymore. I will continue to make an occasional post. Just because it’s something that I enjoy doing. Whether  it be a retro card or colorizing an old forgotten black and white photo every now and then. I’ll still be around.

One of the the best things we did was the charity softball tournament. We raised some money and donated a lot of food to help the needy. That is something I would like to keep going.  Jon SooHoo has asked me if we could do one during spring training in AZ. I told him I will look into it and see how many people would be interested in doing one there.  If that seems to far out of reach for some teams or people. I will do it again at Big League Dreams in West Covina.  That will be the legacy for this site. I do not know if I will be there to attend, but I promise there will be one. If anyone wants to help organize it with me or help at the event. You can contact me at  The fan forum will still remain as will the site itself. The servers are paid for, so go sign up and enjoy going through the old posts here on the site.

Thanks again to everyone who ever bought an In Beard We Trust or Win For Vin shirts. To those who gave of their time to play in the softball tournament. Take care and Think Blue.


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