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But there is a more important issue that needs fixed. How can you celebrate 50 years of Dodger Stadium without the THINK BLUE sign? That simple plywood sign has been down long enough and needs fixed now. If the former owner who I won’t mention still owned the team, I would understand why it was not fixed. But with all the smart money and real estate people involved in the sale you couldn’t put in a provision to have it fixed? You can’t even sell your home without a banker making you fix the damn gutters on your roof. Dodger fans travel from all over the world to Los Angeles every year to see that sign and have their picture taken in front of it. You are cheating them out of one of the greatest thrills of visiting Dodger Stadium. The other was the retired numbers on the pavilions. Since we all know how I feel about them. I’ll let that go for now. So how about while the team is out of town. You run down to Home Depot, grab some plywood, screws, and some paint to fix it.  Story from when it went down