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As a Dodgers fan I feel cheated for not seeing you in uniform one more time. As a father I can understand. Whether you put on the home whites again in Dodger stadium or another teams uniform is something we will have to wait and see. I want to thank you on behalf of all Dodgers fans on the LFP for bringing us so much joy the last few seasons. We will never forget your hard work and all the great moments you have brought to us over the years. We thank you for helping these young players become the great players they are today with your leadership and guidance.  You showed what its like to give back to your community back home in Iowa in an era that not many players do. You brought class to the organization and a work ethic not seen by Dodgers fans in many years, and stabilized a position that was nothing more than a revolving door. Even though you have only worn the blue for a few years. You will always be one of the greatest Dodgers ever. Thank you Casey for being a great ballplayer and human being. Best of luck and get well soon.